Adoption and CARA

  • Adoption

Adoption law in India has changed in recent years. In context of Non-Resident Indians (NRI), in earlier times, the process of adoption was easy in India and a person just had to register the adoption deed in India. Ministry of women and Child development, government of India has formed Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) which functions as a nodal body for adoption of Indian children and regulates intercountry adoptions. It is mandatory for Non-Resident Indians (NRI) to go through the procedure of Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) before the adoption is recognised in other countries.

Our lawyers assist Non-Resident Indians (NRI) in completion of procedure as laid down in Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) so that foreign countries do not have any objection on the adoption in India. This also ensures that no objection is raised by embassies of other countries in providing passport to the adopted children.

For example, in one of the cases we assisted a Canadian client who had adopted her brother’s son in India in getting formalities in Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) completed in a time bound manner. After that, she could get the Canadian passport and citizenship of the adopted child. The child is now in Canada.

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