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LexLords as one of the most successful legal firms locally based in India provides overseas services and encompasses broad range of issues in relation with property law inside the country for NRI clients residing in Canada. Assigning us to take a charge over matters you are facing, simplifies and speeds up the entire legal process for you. With our top touch lawyers we deliver demanding and defensible results. Wherever you are in Canada we are always ready to collaborate for implementing proactive and rightful solution over a land dispute or transfer of property. We are patient and professional giving your case an attention it deserves.

Our goal is not only to get the job done but to inform you about your legal rights and status in relation with properties you have in India. In addition to all we give you strategic advantages which otherwise might not be provided to you by any common law firm .our services are especially personalized and unparalleled with a fair cost effective results. With our dedication and commitment towards our clients we make sure that we remain in touch besides the physical distance and make it possible for you to communicate with us at anytime needed in regard with the status of the work or production of any documents and materials which might be needed at different stages of the process. Clients from the following places contact us after reading LexLords NRI Legal Services Reviews (see above)

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LexLords is specialized in advising a rightful solution for property matters in India .our team of experienced lawyers has a full knowledge of your possible dispute and difficulties and fully understand your incapability of travelling back to India . We are competent to handle all aspects of property related issues from transaction and transfer to inherence, will, title dispute and ownership to mention a few.

An integral part of the LexLords services is that by reducing our overheads we reduce client costs majorly. Combining our international knowledge and local expertise in property law for NRIs in Canada we offer a total package of guidance from the beginning to the end without your presence being required inside the country. The fact that, there is no wasted travel time for you is an ace in the hole as we utilise different mode of technology to communicate with you. Litigation or property law can be very confusing and complicated for an NRI living in Canada. Our firm is ready to take a full responsibility and do all possible in order to make the case rightfully wins.

Insight and assistance of our skilful lawyers are reliable and promising. We ask you to put your confidence in us and allow us to resolve your related legal problem with our progressive attitude and strong background, under leadership of trustworthy and expert lawyers. We are well aware that reliability and communication are important factors once it comes to our client’s relationship with us hence we seek to improve it through legal practice optimization. Making it possible for you in another country to claim your rights and overcome your legal problems with our help and expertise.

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