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NRI who are residing outside the country are often struggling with legal issues of different nature with regards to properties and lands or civil or criminal charges inside India. But the idea of leaving their place of residence and travelling to the country back and forth does not seem possible and convenient to many with regular jobs or businesses of those with health issues or with other responsibilities or restriction.

In LexLords, we are determined to help our clients overcome their problems in faster and proper way through lawyers and experts who are devoted to their work .They have acquired and developed such skills which definitely gives us and edge in this specific competitive field to do the entire job in much less consuming time , free from mistakes or negligence as compared to many other legal firms and to ensure that regardless of the fact that our client is not present or located in India our co-operation and coordination remains alive and comprehensive through different mode of communication, be it phone calls ,video calls ,or any reasonable ways which is fast and easily accessible.

The exceptional attribute of the firm is our commitment to both client and the work and to ensure an occurrence of their rightful desired goal. Whether it is a dispute over a title of ownership or an issue over a piece of inherited immovable property in India .

In LexLords we value each case individually and give it all the time and effort which it might require to be successfully completed.

We are best platform to rely on with trust and seek assistance and guidance in order to identify legal methods related to the property or other subjects of dispute and provide you with many more services as needed. Moreover, LexLords render vast range of services regarding:

Estate management :

  • Buying and selling property
  • How to avoid property disputes
  • Power of attorney
  • Property documentation
  • Title search
  • Transfer of property
  • Wills and trusts
  • Also our estate management service include :
  • Asset protection
  • Business succession
  • Charitable planning
  • Estate planning
  • Trust and estate dispute resolution and litigation
  • Tax planning and tax controversies
  • Trust and estate administration and probate

Property litigation:

  • Disputes between co-shares
  • Disputes with builders and developers
  • Partition of property
  • Probate and letters of administration
  • Rent dispute
  • Rights of women in property
  • Succession certificate
  • The real estate (regulation and development Act ) RERA
  • Family Disputes
  • Criminal defence
  • corporate and financial

Our Litigation services include court cases in relation to: Breach of contract, Compensation and damages, Construction and development of disputes, Illegal passion of property, will and trust, disputes between co-owners and many more. In short, our experts in LexLords present you with different legal services not only through litigation but also through less complicated methods such as mediation, conciliation and arbitration depending on the nature of disputes. Through such methods of settling disputes we apply the negotiation techniques which significantly reduce both time and money expenses for our clients.

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